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* Added tag 1.9.4 for changeset a78c5a834397HEADmasterEli Collins2017-04-05
* bumped to Collins2017-04-05
* Added tag 1.9.3 for changeset 39b9c47122b4Eli Collins2017-04-05
* bumped to Collins2017-04-05
* ext.auto_redirect: now sets link[rel=canonical] tag in headerEli Collins2017-04-05
* bugfix: table_styling: header alignment wasn't being parsed correctlyEli Collins2017-04-05
* bugfix: docfield_markup: fix crash under sphinx 1.5 - now handles 'env' kwdEli Collins2017-04-05
* ext.auto_redirect: various minor improvementsEli Collins2017-04-04
* Added tag 1.9.2 for changeset c2ed73fe0cbbEli Collins2017-04-03
* bumped to 1.9.2 since 1.9.1 upload to pypi messed up1.9.2Eli Collins2017-04-03
* Added tag 1.9.1 for changeset d9dc4a3f984dEli Collins2017-04-03
* bumped to Collins2017-04-03
* update changelogEli Collins2017-04-02
* bugfix: ext.audit_redirect: reworked to handle case where source doc isn't at...Eli Collins2017-04-02
* theme: split js url helpers out into separate file, so extensions can use themEli Collins2017-04-02
* Added tag 1.9.0 for changeset 17c47c5262bdEli Collins2017-04-02
* docs: tweak changelog1.9.0Eli Collins2017-04-02
* ext.table_styling: added :header-alignment: directive, fixed colspan handling.Eli Collins2017-04-02
* ext.table_styling: subclass sphinx's RSTTable if available, and silence add_d...Eli Collins2017-04-02
* docs: reordered master extension listEli Collins2017-04-02
* bumped to 1.9.0Eli Collins2017-04-02
* documentation now officially at readthedocs, updated all urls;Eli Collins2017-04-02
* ext.auto_redirect: new extension for alerting users if documentation changed ...Eli Collins2017-04-02
* ext: relocated static assets to ./static subdir, factored out 'add static fil...Eli Collins2017-04-02
* Fix JS error caused by removal of .load(HANDLER) in jQuery 3.0Taylor Venable2017-02-24
* issue ext: removed google code link format, no longer usefulEli Collins2017-02-10
* bugfix: page_only ext: don't choke on non-ascii chars in pagesEli Collins2017-02-10
* MergeEli Collins2017-02-09
| * docs: language correctlyEli Collins2017-02-08
| |\
| | * Had to read that twice, superb theme btw! :)Adrian2017-02-03
* | | documentation updatesEli Collins2017-02-09
|/ /
* | Added tag 1.8.3 for changeset 1224ab2633ddEli Collins2017-02-08
* | bumped to 1.8.3, updated changelog1.8.3Eli Collins2017-02-08
* | setup: ported over setup script from passlib, which should fix bugEli Collins2017-02-08
* | docs: moved relbar_links to "general extensions" section, has no cloud-specif...Eli Collins2017-02-08
* added tox.ini fileEli Collins2017-01-31
* relbar_links extension: fixed some bugs, added some basic UTs, updated docs.Eli Collins2017-01-31
* Added tag 1.8.2 for changeset 01c95b07f6b0Eli Collins2017-01-30
* bumped to Collins2017-01-30
* bugfix: relbar_links: resolve translation proxy objects before comparing labels.Eli Collins2017-01-30
* docs: added requirements file for RTDEli Collins2017-01-30
* Added tag 1.8.1 for changeset b423d2f69c1eEli Collins2017-01-30
* bumped to Collins2017-01-30
* Merged in MinchinWeb/cloud_sptheme/docs-update (pull request #20)Eli Collins2017-01-30
| * Update Documentation to note that Sphinx 1.4 is now required.William Minchin2016-11-21
| * Created new branch docs-updateWilliam Minchin2016-11-22
* | docs: updated layout & config to use unified tocEli Collins2017-01-30
* | relbar_toc ext: deprecated, replaced by rewritten version named 'relbar_links'.Eli Collins2017-01-30
* | cloud.css_t: consolidated block effect classes, added .hidden & .strike classes.Eli Collins2017-01-30
* | bugfix: cloud.css_t: jinja-based sphinx version parser got broken by scoping ...Eli Collins2017-01-30